Just in Case You Don’t Know Me…

IMG_4619I’m a semi-recent college graduate with a BA in Creative Writing. In college I developed an interest in non-profit work and specifically in refugee resettlement and couldn’t shake it. So during my first year out of school I worked part-time jobs, apparently fearful of salaries, while volunteering half of my time.  Finally, in 2016 I applied for Americorps and spent a year working/volunteering full-time within a refugee resettlement agency in Texas.

Now that I’ve completed my year of full-time volunteering, I will be making the move to London for grad school and hope to be working abroad from that point on. A girl’s got dreams.

So this blog is primarily for keeping my support network up to date on what’s going on as I prepare to leave and make the transition into expat life.

Oh, and also to show potential employers that I can write.


I hope you find something interesting among my posts. I’ll mainly be writing about travel, the public sector, and life in general. So if any of those things interest you, welcome! If they don’t, it’s very kind of you to be visiting my blog anyway.


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