The Travel Playlist: Spring 2017

Image.jpgEvery few weeks or so I stumble upon a few new songs or return to some old favorites on my “Traversing the World” Spotify playlist – a list that I have been curating for over three years. (Yes, I know what traversing means in the rock-climbing world and I am aware that it’s technically not an appropriate verb for a travel playlist…let me live!) When I add music to this playlist it’s because the song sounds like it would be great for looking out a plane window, for hiking, or for train rides. If I can picture myself listening to it while walking down cobblestone streets or while riding a bus or while walking through sweeping plains, then that song will be added. At this point I have over 200 songs on this playlist and I don’t anticipate cutting that back or struggling to find new music to add. (God bless Spotify’s Discover Weekly.)

As I am planning and packing for my upcoming trip to the United Kingdom, I thought I would share five songs that I am currently listening to the most from this playlist. Be sure to find these songs and add them to your own playlist for your next city outing, weekend getaway, or road trip.

Be inspired and filled with wanderlust!

Vintage by High Dive Heart

I actually found this song on Spotify’s “Globe Trotting” playlist. It’s the first song on that list and sets the tone for an exciting and upbeat collection. You can’t help but get moving when this song comes on. I have a feeling it will be my go-to for fighting jet lag upon landing in Heathrow because experience has taught me that I am a super lethargic and h-angry person that first day I’m in England. Maybe this song will help me at least be a little less irritable. So add this to your list. Fight the jet lag. Walk the whole city. Hike that hill!

Blame It on Me by George Ezra

Okay, really, George Ezra’s entire Wanted on Voyage album is perfect for walking around the city whether abroad or at home. This is what I’m playing when walking down the street and just doing some people watching. I was obsessed with this album in 2015 and just recently returned to it and am loving it all over again. I’ll be listening to this song and album on my train rides and sightseeing walks for sure. Also listen to Barcelona, Leaving It Up to You, and Budapest.

Man of Chalk by Keywest

This is one of the more chill songs on my playlist and is great for walking around or riding the train, especially when the weather is a little grayer and you don’t want to be too disjointed from the rainy weather by loud, exciting music. It’s not depressing by any means, but it’s not going to inspire you to run up that slippery hill in Scotland. You’ll just stroll instead. Saving this one for the rainy days that will happen during my trip.

Worlds on Fire by Zerbin

This falls into a similar vein as Vintage above. I have been obsessed with this song for a few months and have not grown tired of its energy. I hope to pull this out for my afternoon/evening hike at Arthur’s Seat in Edinburgh because it sounds great for being outside at dawn or dusk. It’s been a favorite for my morning commute to work. Turn this on and catch the sunset or rise.

Zenzenzense by RADWIMPS

For this list, I did save the best for last because I’m ridiculously obsessed with this song right now. This song is a part of the film Your Name. and actually the entire album – created by RADWIMPS – is incredible. (The film is also incredible but I’ll write about that another time.) There is an English version of this song which can be found on the deluxe edition of the Your Name. soundtrack that is available on Spotify. I prefer the Japanese version because it’s how I originally heard it and honestly, I would play the song on repeat even without lyrics. It’s a really upbeat, exciting song and fits really well into the film. I listen to it for my commute and look forward to listening to it on trains and while walking around the city on sunny days.

I hope this might be your starter pack to a travel-centric playlist if you don’t already have one. Because really, you need a good playlist no matter what kind of travel you are doing; whether you’re commuting to work, driving to visit family, or flying across the globe.

Happy listening,


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